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Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption FAQ

  • I am interested in your kitten, but where shall I start?

Please fill out the questionnaire, email it to us and we will put you on the waiting list! The waiting list works on a first come first serve basis and a holding deposit of $500 is required.

  • What happens once I'm on the waiting list?

Once a litter is born, we will contact you about your place on the waiting list. If you are in place to receive from the current live litter, you may choose a kitten for adoption. If you do not get the color or gender preferred you can request to pass and your deposit will hold a kitten for you from the next litter.

  • How much are your pet kittens?

The total adoption price for our pet kittens is $2,000, and a show or breeding kitten is $3,000. We encourage our buyers to show their cats. Each of our show kittens will be rewarded $500 for his/her obtainment of its GCA title. 

  • How much is the holding deposit to reserve a kitten?

$500 for a Ragdoll kitten.

  • Is the holding deposit refundable?

The holding deposit is non-refundable as we turn others away once the list is full. However, if you do not get the color or gender preferred the deposit holds a kitten for you from the next litter.

  • What is your Health Guarantee?

We take pride in our breeding. We will not release any kittens if there are any health issues. All kittens will be vet checked and with up-to-date vaccinations. We are a cattery free of FIV and FeLV. All of our cats are healthy and have no chronic health issues. All cats in our breeding program have DNA clearances from the Optimal Selection Smart Breeding Panel. The reports are available upon request. Our kittens are guaranteed free of any DNA detectable defects ( e.g. PKD, HCM).

  • Can I have the pick of the litter?

Our buyers will receive pictures of the kittens frequently. We will ask your preference of the litter once the litter reaches 2 months old. However as previously stated, we are on a first come first serve basis, therefore whether you will get the kitten you selected depends on the preferences of those from whom we have received a deposit earlier.

  • Is the kitten going to be fixed?

Yes, your kitten will be spayed/neutered before it goes home with you. If you are purchasing a breeding kitten you must live out of the states of Texas or Oklahoma and be in good standing with TICA.

  • When can I bring the kitten home?

The kittens are ready to go home when they are 12-14 weeks old. Please note, for the health and mental benefit of the kittens, we will absolutely not release any of our kittens before 12 weeks.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

We accept All Major Credit/Debit Cards, checks, and Venmo for deposits. The remaining balance is due on the kitten pick-up date. No kitten will be released without full payment clearance. On pick-up day, we will only accept cash or Venmo. 

  • Do you ship your kittens?

No, we do not ship our kittens. I am willing to drive up to two hours from the 76240 zip code to meet you with your kitten free of charge. If you choose to fly in to pick your kitten up, I will meet you at DFW airport. The buyer is responsible for the cost of any courier service, airfare, and carrier fees. 

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at 940-372-2507 or

Print or Download a Copy of Our Adoption FAQs

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